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Sample PowerPoint Scrapbooks

Date Created: November 23rd 2010
Last Updated: November 24th 2010

Product Showcase

We have thousands of great digital scrapbooking embellishments and scrapbook backdrops on our Scrapbookpresentations site -- yet we are aware that there's no place on the site that shows you some scrapbook samples using this content! To address this issue, we asked our staff to create some digital scrapbooks in PowerPoint using only the following:

  1. Resources available on this site
  2. We gave them a bunch of pictures to scrapbook!

So here are the results -- although all these scrapbooks were created in Microsoft PowerPoint, we made sure they use the square layout that's typical of a traditional scrapbook -- luckily we have instructions on creating a square scrapbook layout in PowerPoint and all our PowerPoint scrapbooking backdrops are already square! If you need more help, head to our ideas page.

Smile Scrapbook Presentation

My Scrapbook Presentation

Happy Holidays Scrapbook Presentation

Fun Scrapbook Presentation

Friendship Scrapbook Presentation

Friends Scrapbook Presentation 01

Friends Scrapbook Presentation 02

Friends Scrapbook Presentation 03

Enjoy Scrapbook Presentation

Children's World Scrapbook Presentation

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