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Change Page Size

Date Created:
Last Updated: July 27th 2009

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Most PowerPoint slides are rectangular -- however most scrapbook pages are square. Since we want our digital scrapbooks to look just like the conventional scrapbooks, we'll have to change their size to a standard scrapbook size.

More often than not, a scrapbook page has dimensions of 12 inches square, although the smaller 8 inches square size is also becoming increasingly popular. In this tutorial, you'll learn how you can set the slides size (corresponding to page size) in PowerPoint 2007.

Follow these steps to change the dimensions of the slide (page) in PowerPoint 2007:

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and create a new presentation (or PowerPoint may open with a new presentation).

  2. Select the Design tab on the Ribbon, and click Page Setup as shown in Figure 1

    Design Tab

    Figure 1: Page Setup in the Design tab.

  3. This will open the Page Setup dialog box, that you can see in Figure 2.

    Page Setup
    Figure 2: Page Setup

  4. Now just change the values in both the Width and Height boxes to 12 inches, as shown in Figure 3. In case you want your scrapbook dimensions to use the 8 inches square size, enter 8 inches within both the Width and Height boxes. Click the OK button to apply these changes.

    Page Setup
    Figure 3: Page Setup

    Note: If your Page Setup dialog box shows the measurements in centimeters rather than inches, change the Width and Height values to 30 cm (approximate eqivalent of 12 inches).

  5. Figure 4 shows the slide with the new dimensions.

    Figure 4: Presentation

  6. While saving the presentation don't forget to disable the automatic compression option in PowerPoint 2007 -- read this small tutorial here..

  7. Now you have set the page size of the scrapbook slide, and are ready to create your own digital scrapbook in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

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