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Why Use PowerPoint 2007 for Digital Scrapbooking?

Date Created:
Last Updated: July 27th 2009

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How would you like to create digital scrapbooks with PowerPoint? This site will show you how you can use PowerPoint 2007 (and PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac) to create digital scrapbooks.

I think PowerPoint is the easiest way to create digital scrapbooks.

  • First of all, it's far easy to select objects in PowerPoint and send them back and front. And the new Selection and Visibility pane in PowerPoint 2007 can be so helpful.

  • PowerPoint allows you get in transparent graphics like PNGs with their transparency intact.

    powerpoint digital scrapbook

  • The huge problem with PowerPoint scrapbooks is the resolution -- PowerPoint defaults to compressed, low resolution images to keep file sizes low -- but you can get over that limitation easily...

  • PowerPoint 2007 picture slide layouts are almost tailormade for scrapbooks -- you could easily start with a template, and then just replace photos and text -- instant scrapbooks ready!

  • It's easy to save, share and play PowerPoint based digital scrapbooks -- even if the recipients don't have PowerPoint, they can download the free PowerPoint Viewer.

  • You can easily save individual scrapbook slides as picture files within PowerPoint -- you can save as JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, and several other file formats.

  • PowerPoint 2007 allows saving to PDF -- you'll need to download a free add-in from the Microsoft site.

  • It's easy to change scrapbook page sizes in PowerPoint.

Note: This site's tutorials are all done, and explained using PowerPoint 2007 only. You can however adapt it for other PowerPoint versions -- as also for Apple Keynote and Google Presentations.

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